Day 29:The Whole World. The Whole Gospel. The Whole Church.

We've been on the road for 29 days. This is a mission-support raising trip.  Every day we tell our children that our focus is to love and serve people as a family for 42 days wherever God places us.  I've lost count of the different beds we've slept in, though as a writer the stories I've gathered from each place remain… Continue reading Day 29:The Whole World. The Whole Gospel. The Whole Church.

The Large Significance of Small Things.

I admit it.  I've got an edge of domesticity. I just don't talk about it all that much.   All of that "stuff", though it takes up the majority of many women's lives  is too small to be the starting point, not to indicate that small is not significant.  Just that the bigger picture must inform smaller ones or we live and think in limited ways and… Continue reading The Large Significance of Small Things.

Enough to Write About.

Yesterday I read a random news clip about a woman journalist in a closed country recently jailed and banned from writing for 30 years.  It is in a magazine upstairs by Kiersta's rocker, but I'll wake her if I attempt to give a credible citation.  This writer is not alllowed a computer, pen, paper, and probably no chalk.   I am horrified at such a sentence and… Continue reading Enough to Write About.

What We Believe About Anger (is usually false).

This is article long, but worth your time.  I've chewed on this all week. I don't know anyone who does not deal with anger on a certain level.   A true understanding of anger can change everything in your world; the impact on our relationships is astronomical.  Andrew Olsen, the author, works here at New Missions Systems International where my family and… Continue reading What We Believe About Anger (is usually false).

For All the Mothers: An Excerpt.

This is an excerpt from the epilogue of my book, shared in honor of the women whose lives have been transformed through the practice of motherhood.  May this gift of words enlarge the  beautiful vision of your most holy endeavor.  Happy Mother's Day.  ~Angela  Several years ago, Ben and I attended a wedding reception. In a gorgeous glass atrium flooded with light… Continue reading For All the Mothers: An Excerpt.

New Documentary to Expose “Blood Money” from Abortion Industry

  Washington D.C., Sep 1, 2009 / 06:33 pm (CNA).- An upcoming pro-life documentary named “Blood Money” aims to shake the viewer “to the very core” and expose the “inconvenient truth” about the money involved in the abortion industry. The documentary interviews pro-life leaders, former abortionists, and women who have been harmed by abortion. One… Continue reading New Documentary to Expose “Blood Money” from Abortion Industry

Clean Water for Haiti.

Please listen to the interview with Jonathan Wiles of Living Water International about what is happening with LWI in Haiti.  This is the organization my book supports--YOUR PURCHASE HELPS! To help repair the water lines of just one small community the cost is $3,000 dollars.  PLEASE give as you are able!  Support the vision to get the water of life in all ways… Continue reading Clean Water for Haiti.

Life is Sacred.

(Go to January 22nd marks the 37th anniversary of the landmark Supreme Court decision, Roe vs. Wade.  In the New York Times, President Obama has praised the ruling, saying it was a symbol of the broader principle that government should not intrude upon private family matters.  As if life and death is in the power of mere humans; as if we decide… Continue reading Life is Sacred.

Living Water International Responds…

Go here to read a fascinating article on The World's Most Corrupt Countries.  Sadly, I discovered Haiti is the worst.  This fact along should steer how we pray and think in these coming weeks as aid pours into the country--give with wisdom.  Living Water International is helping communities there restore their water; this was at a… Continue reading Living Water International Responds…

Redemption Is Coming.

My sister, another lover of the nations, called me  just moments after news of the earthquake rocked  Haiti yesterday:  “Death was everywhere in Port-au-Prince. Bodies of tiny children were piled next to schools. Corpses of women lay on the street with stunned expressions frozen on their faces as flies began to gather.” I wept at this.  And I pulled my… Continue reading Redemption Is Coming.