Praying All the Way, Right Away and With a Happy Heart!

Have you ever experienced “intercession fatigue” due to frustration, negativity and even anger towards those whom God has clearly called you to love and serve?  I have.  This can often be of particular challenge to cross-cultural missionaries due to culture stress.   Most long-term missionaries work through the grueling process of culture shock as they make a new country their… Continue reading Praying All the Way, Right Away and With a Happy Heart!

O Death, Where is Your Victory?

Last weekend our neighbor died.  I'm still thinking about it because the circumstances around his death and the response to his death are nothing I've ever experienced.  And, it was our children's first encounter with death, up-close.   Beto was 23.  He was born and lived his entire life in this little village called Cacalotepec (population:… Continue reading O Death, Where is Your Victory?

Called to Live in the Epitome of Weakness: Proving the Power of God

Today I flunked an exam.  It does not feel good.  I am in Spanish language school, full-time.  All "good" missionaries study language intensively in order to communicate with the people whom they seek to serve.  And of course God gives all "good" missionaries a natural aptitude to master a second language.   Or not.  … Continue reading Called to Live in the Epitome of Weakness: Proving the Power of God

Fix Your Eyes

Our dog almost drowned.   My husband and oldest son thought it would be CRAZY fun to paddle in our tandem kayak at full speed from the calm brackish river straight into the foaming mouth of the Pacific Ocean.   Our little super-dog did not want to miss out.   He ran into the river… Continue reading Fix Your Eyes

Missionaries & Money: Y’All Just Can’t Be Scared!

In June while in Texas, I met a writer-friend in a chic little coffee shop.  Jackie leaned forward and urged me with southern drama and drawl, "You gotta write out the things that scare you the worst, because those are the things that people need to hear the most." Just days before this our family… Continue reading Missionaries & Money: Y’All Just Can’t Be Scared!

When A Missionary Returns to the USA on Furlough

My family and I have lived in Mexico for the past four years. In the last 48 months, we've only been back to the States for about 7 weeks.  This means that over 96% of our last four years of life has been lived in Mexico.     Our friends are there.  Our pets are there.… Continue reading When A Missionary Returns to the USA on Furlough