6,000 Miles and the Lessons of Presence.

 From mid-June till almost the end of August our little family spent over 140 hours in a mini-van together, traveling 6,000 miles through fourteen states and even up into Canada.  We slept in cabins, cheap hotels, trailers, apartments, farmhouses and urban neighborhoods.  Three days before our scheduled departure date, we still had no money to go.  But… Continue reading 6,000 Miles and the Lessons of Presence.

Top 10 Things Learned in the Last 23 Years: From Ben in Mexico.

In March after ten years, we returned to Mexico to serve as a family for two weeks.  Ben spoke to the students and staff at Puebla Christian school where he attended for six years, 23 years ago.   Here I wanted to give you a peek into the heart of my amazing husband through his words.… Continue reading Top 10 Things Learned in the Last 23 Years: From Ben in Mexico.

Hope of the Nations: From Angela in Central Asia.

* This post is about my travels to Central Asia to minister to women this past fall. For security reasons I cannot mention the name of this predominately Muslim nation.  When I was about five years old and sensed that my Creator was calling me to Himself, I ran.  There was a world map hanging in… Continue reading Hope of the Nations: From Angela in Central Asia.

Learners. Followers. Messengers.

 Here is just one of my reflections from this past summer of support-raising. We traveled through parts of Florida, Louisiana, Alabama, and Texas with God’s provision of protection, endurance and remarkable connections with new and old friends.  The stories of His grace and lavish love in the lives of so many blessed us.  We know Him more now… Continue reading Learners. Followers. Messengers.

What Is That To You?

Nothing undermines and deflates our growth as women, our relationship with God, our marital joy and our vision in mothering as much as falling into the trap of comparing ourselves with others. Consider this a personal confession.   Several weeks ago a young woman asked me how to stay focused each day with energy, passion and purpose. I replied, " Know your race well and know where you… Continue reading What Is That To You?

Day 29:The Whole World. The Whole Gospel. The Whole Church.

We've been on the road for 29 days. This is a mission-support raising trip.  Every day we tell our children that our focus is to love and serve people as a family for 42 days wherever God places us.  I've lost count of the different beds we've slept in, though as a writer the stories I've gathered from each place remain… Continue reading Day 29:The Whole World. The Whole Gospel. The Whole Church.

The Large Significance of Small Things.

I admit it.  I've got an edge of domesticity. I just don't talk about it all that much.   All of that "stuff", though it takes up the majority of many women's lives  is too small to be the starting point, not to indicate that small is not significant.  Just that the bigger picture must inform smaller ones or we live and think in limited ways and… Continue reading The Large Significance of Small Things.

Enough to Write About.

Yesterday I read a random news clip about a woman journalist in a closed country recently jailed and banned from writing for 30 years.  It is in a magazine upstairs by Kiersta's rocker, but I'll wake her if I attempt to give a credible citation.  This writer is not alllowed a computer, pen, paper, and probably no chalk.   I am horrified at such a sentence and… Continue reading Enough to Write About.

What We Believe About Anger (is usually false).

This is article long, but worth your time.  I've chewed on this all week. I don't know anyone who does not deal with anger on a certain level.   A true understanding of anger can change everything in your world; the impact on our relationships is astronomical.  Andrew Olsen, the author, works here at New Missions Systems International where my family and… Continue reading What We Believe About Anger (is usually false).

For All the Mothers: An Excerpt.

This is an excerpt from the epilogue of my book, shared in honor of the women whose lives have been transformed through the practice of motherhood.  May this gift of words enlarge the  beautiful vision of your most holy endeavor.  Happy Mother's Day.  ~Angela  Several years ago, Ben and I attended a wedding reception. In a gorgeous glass atrium flooded with light… Continue reading For All the Mothers: An Excerpt.