This is what I believe:  We all began our first chapter with God and we all will end our last chapter with Him. When I open my eyes in the morning, my first thought is of Him and when I close my eyes at night my last thought is of Him.   Why not, in all that space in between, see Him first in everything?

I write about the God I see and know in this space in between.  In Jesus I live and move and have my being.  In Him life is expansive and exploding with truth and beauty.  These writings are my prints, proof that here I walked.  Here in the space where faith is still required I sought Him and more importantly He sought me.


I’ve written since I could hold a pencil.  I love words that are honest, prudent, beautiful, wise, noble, excellent, praise-worthy and powerful.  My love affair with words began through the reading of the Hebraic book of poetry: the Psalms.  My interests are the intersections of thoughtful daily faith, women’s issues, global missions, painting, reading, holistic health, gardening, nature, hiking, traveling, preaching/teaching, prayer, meditation and biblical study.  These are the things you’ll find I am prone to ponder and write about.  I invite you to also visit my other (very new) blog  “Peaceful Women’s Health”.              

I’ve been married for 19 years to my husband, Benjamin.  We have four children: Larsen (16), Anders (11), Kiersta (7) and our not-a-surprise-to-God, Jorgen (born December ’16).  They are the greatest gifts I could ever imagine and the sources of my truest learning and growth. We live and serve in Mexico as missionaries under Ripe for Harvest World Outreach.                                    

My first book (I’m trusting more have been germinating within), Running into Water: Women Immersed in the Pursuit of God (originally with Biblica, acquired by IVP and released in 2009) covers the spiritual formation of women and their children with a personal, yet global emphasis. The premise is that our relationship with God and pursuit of him undergirds everything we are and do. It’s mostly for mothers who hunger to go deeper and broader in their intentional work of mothering and growth as an individual woman.  I’ve also contributed to Zondervan’s Hope in the Mourning Bible: Finding Strength Through God’s Eternal Perspective.    

Feel free to comment on posts.  It’s great fun for me to read and connect with you! I do not have a personal account on Facebook (I’m not a fan of it), but I do have a Page.  You can find and follow it HERE



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  1. Mary Anne Maxwell says:

    Angela, How may I see the documentary, “A Walk to Beautiful”. I assume it is about the female circumcism in Ethiopia. I remember when we lived in Georgia that a group of nurses researched this terrible mutalation of women and often the older women used a broken glass to remove the clitoris. You have experience first hand the devastation of this tribal custom. I believe that I have a book by a Nigerian surgeon that I worked with, it was called, “What would my mother say” by Doctor Edoga. He was from Nigeria and i believe that is the book where I read about the custom. I shall continue to look for the book that I cannot locate right now. We attended a conference of ALTECO, which is an organization that is working with Indians along the Amazon River Basin in Brasil etc. There was an company called Hesperian that publish books about many health issues. I have one called “Where Women have No Doctor” There is a full section on Female Genital Cutting. If you would have use for this, I will be pleased to loan it to you;.
    Praying for you as you follow the LORD’s direction in ministering to Women around the world. God bless you, Mary Anne


  2. eryn ferguson bee says:

    good memory! yes i am the redhead. as far as my thoughts on Half the Sky- i think i am still processing! it is hard to read a book like that and be sitting comfortably and well fed in my nice safe home with my children all safely around me. i don’t think that you can read it and remain immobile, at the very least encouraging other people to read it. i am in the process of just praying about what God would have me actually do – knowing that His heart is for the plight of orphans and widows as clearly stated in His word so many times. right now it seems like that looks like continually trying to be informed, and share that info with whomever i can, and supporting people and organizations that are out there tangibly working to make an impact.
    with all the research that you have done , you have probably seen it, but in case you have not, i just have to mention the documentary, A Walk to Beautiful, about the fistula hospitals in ethiopia. it is a very moving and informative documentary. i will definately keep in touch. p.s. enjoy the water for me down in florida! i too grew up loving water and long to be close to the beach! i am thankful for lake michigan, but right now it is TOOO cold!


  3. eryn ferguson bee says:

    angela, you may not remember me, but we were on smith 5 together my last year at moody. allison antrim told me that you had written a book, so i checked this out- i am so looking forward to reading this book! a few friends and i just finished reading Half the Sky. your book seems like it might be a good book to follow that.
    just on a personal note , i married andrew bee. i think that he and ben were on the same floor. we live in a suburb of chicago where andrew is an associate pastor, and does some free-lance audio work. i am a stay at home mom with our 5 kids. out of curiosity, where on the gulf coast are you? i grew up in fort walton beach, florida. missing it this time of year!!
    thank you for your work- God bless , eryn


    1. ablycker says:

      Erin! Yes I do remember you and your beautiful red hair (am I right?). I would really like to hear your thoughts about Half the Sky. We are in Naples, Five children–wow! Let’s keep in touch and please comment back.


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