I’ve written since I could hold a pencil.

I love words that are honest, prudent, beautiful, wise, noble, excellent, praise-worthy and powerful.  

My love affair with words began through the reading of the Hebraic book of poetry: the Psalms. The themes of this blog include the intersections of attentive daily faith, women’s issues, cross-cultural missions and biblical study.    

I’ve been married almost 20 years and we have four children (17, 12, 8 and 1). We live and serve in Mexico as missionaries under Ripe for Harvest World Outreach (since 2013).  We have been honored to be involved in clean water projects, construction, short-term mission teams and evangelistic painting classes for women, as well as teaching/preaching, music and prayer ministry through the local church.

This is what I believe:  We all began our first chapter with God and we all will end our last chapter with Him. When I open my eyes in the morning, my first thought is of Him and when I close my eyes at night, my last thought is of Him.  Why not, in all that space in between, see Him first in everything?

I write about the God I see and know in this space in between.  In Jesus I live and move and have my being.  In Him life is expansive and exploding with truth and beauty.  These writings are my prints, proof that here I walked.  Here in the space where faith is still required I sought Him and more importantly He sought me.                                       


My first book, Running into Water: Women Immersed in the Pursuit of God (originally with Biblica, acquired by Inter-Varsity Press and released in 2009) covers the spiritual formation of women and their children with a personal, yet global emphasis. The premise is that our relationship with God and pursuit of him undergirds everything we are and do. It’s mostly for mothers who hunger to go deeper and broader in their intentional practice of mothering and growth as an individual woman.  

I’ve also contributed to Zondervan’s Hope in the Mourning Bible: Finding Strength Through God’s Eternal Perspective.    

Feel free to comment on posts in a gracious manner.  You can also reach me directly at angelablycker@icloud.com 

1 thought on “ABOUT/CONTACT”

  1. Erin! Yes I do remember you and your beautiful red hair (am I right?). I would really like to hear your thoughts about Half the Sky. We are in Naples, Five children–wow! Let’s keep in touch and please comment back.


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