I write about the cross-pollination of faith and a thoughtful, artful life — along with the vocation of motherhood and missions here in a desert valley of Oaxaca, Mexico. It’s all integrated.

I’m a wife of twenty-one years, mother of four, writer, hungry bible student, missionary and a hopeful painter, now into my early 40’s. It is strange to get older. Yet, it is a ripening and it is good.  Much of my old angsts and wrestlings are gone. Many of my longings for life have been defined and refined. Much healing into wholeness has transpired.

Some things are settled. Some things are not worth the time nor the energy. Living to please or appease others is one of them.  It is better to bless and honor. 

Holiness and happiness are compatible. The larger picture is of greater importance.  As is maintaining an inner rest and an undisturbed peace under the easy yoke of Jesus.  Life does consist of seasons.  Within them, we are only required to steward the particular portions entrusted to us. Maturity is most often exhibited by daily putting one’s hand to the plow, quietly utilizing and managing all entrusted resources.

I have a personal theology of suffering which has taken me into the arms of wise, sovereign, divine Love. I have got an equally firm conviction in the power of prayer and free-will.  God’s mercy is great; big enough to be tender towards my frailty, limitations, and ignorance. His gospel of salvation is more wondrous than I can grasp.  I need it anew every day.  

There is much ground covered in the living and in the learning, after all these years. And yet I sense, a pressing to go higher in for, ‘there remains very much land left to possess’ (Joshua 13:1).

These writings are my tracks through this land, the ongoing proof of my pilgrimage. 

My hope is that this space serves you! 

A good servant-writer is intentional about ensuring their words address real issues, answer questions they themselves need answered, and exhibit generosity with their discoveries, observations, experiences and creativity.  

May you be served well here by compositions that attempt to do all that. They flow from a seeking heart that explores, proclaims, wonders upon, and pursues Christ and his kingdom.  Above all.  All the rest will follow and fall into place (Mt. 6:33).

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*Photo credits: Caleb Blycker