Silly Little Cyst: Why Sometimes God Doesn’t Miraculously Heal

On Monday I went to a local para-church ministry to meet with the special health program administer.  This is a service that helps non-insured, low income people not eligible for Medicaid (such as myself) get coverage for medical care such as surgeries.  For the several months I have had a ganglion cyst growing on my left wrist, the root enmeshed in ligaments and tendons causing pain in my hand and fingers.  Quite lovely.

Convinced God can heal–I believe in the cases He does not it is for the sake of his great yet oft mysterious glory.  I saw a bit of that glory Monday morning.  On arrival I sensed I was to listen to “hear and see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living” and I was to speak a word.

So much for my Monday morning plans.  Again.

The gentleman I sat down with, in his thick British accent, related to me how the manifest presence of Jesus transformed his life five years ago. In spite of his lucrative career in the medical field, he was a drug addict and an alcoholic.  He went under a bridge to take his life. Holding a gun to his head he pulled the trigger. Three times.  Nothing happened.  In disgust he threw it down and then it went off.  In that moment he felt a hand on his shoulder and warmth flood his body.  He said the name of Jesus and was delivered from his addictions and called out of his present work and into this present ministry.

The program, his brainchild, now is in partnership with over 400 doctors and surgeons in the area, has garnered national attention and provided over 80 million dollars of medical care to the needy this past year alone.  It is complex yet brilliant.  I will not even attempt to explain it.

Last year he spoke to the House of Representatives in DC about such and shortly after had a massive heart attack of the “widow makers” sort of which only 2% people survive. Rushed to the hospital he flat-lined and was in essence, dead.  He “saw” his body being worked on, watched and listened to nurses in the corner praying for him, and witnessed Jesus in all His light standing in the doorway giving the thumbs up sign and with his penetrating eyes assuring him his assignment was indeed not finished.  As the prayers went up, he was placed “back” into his body and much to the astonishment of the doctors sat up and exclaimed, “thank you Jesus”!  His heart is in perfect condition.

A rather quirky and tattooed British gent I’ll call “Oliver”, with a simple and bold faith, has led multitudes to Jesus in that little office.  And prayed for healing over those the “system” did not give the time of day to.  One Hispanic lady weighing 80 lbs. came in with stage 4 pancreatic cancer. She had given up on God and was angry. He and his wife laid hands on her and now she is cancer-free and leading a healing prayer ministry in the hospitals.

Oliver brought in his wife Elaine and we joined hands. He began to pray for me and our future ministry in Mexico (our move is a mere six weeks away) I was honored to then pray for them and God was good to give immediate prophetic words about some deep issues related to the ministry as a whole.  Apparently, they have not had in intercessors and felt very alone and battling hard things without a prayer shield.  They wept and could not believe the words of knowledge the Spirit gave.  Praise God.  There is much happening in local missions and too often these para-church ministries are left vulnerable and alone.

Through this wondrous program all of my surgery (which happened uneventfully this past Friday) and post-op is 100% covered!  Oliver called me on Thursday to thank me (hello, thank me? Uh God provided through you!), and would I be willing to come in and speak to a gathering of women there?  Of course.  He said they rarely, if ever, have in outside women to minster to them.  What an honor.

All of it.

Silly little cyst.

2 Replies to “Silly Little Cyst: Why Sometimes God Doesn’t Miraculously Heal”

  1. God is mighty! He answers prayer in His own time and His own way. Blessings
    Praising God for your “little cyst” encounter!

  2. Thank you, Angela! I, too, believe God is more than able to heal but sometimes chooses other routes to do so. He has been speaking to me about that lately. We do not always know the reasons he chooses a different route. Sometimes, just so we learn to trust him more. You continue to be an inspiration!

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