Lars Launches a Prayer Attack!

Our son Larsen spoke at all three services in our church last Sunday for Youth Sunday.  The Thursday before he came to me after his personal prayer time and said, “Mom, let’s have Dad text Pastor Tom.  God wants me to speak this Sunday.  I want to launch a prayer attack!”  

We and so many others were blessed by the obedience, courage and faith of all the young men and women of this generation who spoke.    What an honor to call this church home and how we will miss them when we move to Mexico in seven months!  A special thank you to Pastor Tom and Sara as well as all the leaders for their diligence in teaching the Word, sensitivity to the Spirit and loving all these kids so well.

 It brought us joy for so many to hear our son’s heart which we know so well, all to His glory!  Be blessed!  

My Notes to speak on Youth Sunday  October 26, 2012

Q.  Larsen, tell us about yourself:

A.  I am 12 years old and in sixth grade.  I like fencing, soccer, reading, building things, history and someday I’d like to be an architect.  My parents and my little brother and sister are preparing to move to Mexico this summer.  We’ll be helping villages get clean water and hear the Gospel, building a hospital and dental clinic and probably many other things.  If you meet me in the courtyard after the services I can tell you more and give you one of our prayer cards.

Q.  Tell us about the kids in your community you’ve been praying for:

A.  Well, there are four kids in our cul-de-sac around my age that I like to play with (names withheld online here).  I have been really concerned that they know Jesus and I’ve had several conversations with them about faith, but their hearts are really resistant.

I’ve gotten to know Mr. Kent Yoder from church here who has a passion for evangelism.  I wrote him about my concerns and he wrote back an amazing letter.  I think the hardest thing for me is when people like my neighbors do not want to hear about Jesus.  I read a lot of books about Christians all over the world who don’t live in free country like we do, yet still they preach the Gospel with boldness.  Here I am in a free country where I can preach without persecution so I would be crazy not to! That is very hard for me, to rest in the fact that it is the Holy Spirit who must make hearts soft and willing.  But I am learning that I can only do what God asks me to do.  So I always have to be listening to Him. It is so important to be listening.

I have been thinking so much about how much my neighbors need Jesus that it has really reminded me how much I need Him, everyday!  I am blessed to be born in the family I came into that shows me God; I didn’t chose it and I have not deserved it.  My neighbors think I am perfect but I know the nastiness of my own heart.  I know how prone I am to wander away; I know how sometimes I try to save myself by doing better; I know how much I have been forgiven; I know I’m loved more than I understand; I know it is all grace. I know if I were in their families I too would have a hard time understanding my need because I would not know any different.

So I am blessed to be in the Light.  Jesus just makes sense!  He is the easiest thing to understand when you feel how lost you are without Him.  I can’t fully explain how He is with me and why He is my God.  But I can’t remember not knowing Him; He’s embedded into me or rather I am embedded into Him.

Please pray for my neighbors!  That is one reason I wanted to speak today because I want to launch a prayer attack for them!  It seems impossible that they know God, but I know it is not.  Even if I never see them come to Christ.  I’m planting seeds.  And I know prayer is powerful.  I have to trust the Holy Spirit is working.

Q.  Tell us how God is preparing you for Mexico and how you feel about moving there:

A.  I feel that through the experience with my neighbors that God is teaching me how to really see people and still love them and care about them. Light and dark are more different than I’ve realized; the light just gets brighter and the darkness more thick.  I am learning that I am not the answer or the hope for people but Jesus is.  I just get to be a part of what He wants to do in the world!

I feel like going to Mexico as missionaries is what I was always meant to do and I’m just going with it.  It is a big deal to move to another country and leave everything I know, but if I think about that it will just slow me down and I’ll lose my peace and focus.  I know it will be challenging but God has called me to go, not just my parents. He told me before He told my parents. He’s got a lot to show me there.

I want to walk through the villages with my uncle and my Dad and preach Jesus.  Hopefully by some miracle I’ll be able to learn the language quickly and do this in Spanish!  I want to plant seeds.  Like Jesus said, some might be on rocky places with not much soil, some the sun will burn away because they don’t have roots, others will get chocked by thorns and still other seed will fall on good soil.  I am not in charge of the condition of the soil, but I am praying for good soil.  I want the seeds to sprout and grow and maybe long after I am gone be an incredible harvest.  I hope I see that harvest in heaven someday.

 Please pray for my family as we keep raising support so we can get to Mexico this summer.  We need people to pray and people to give. It is not about us.  And I want you to remember that every Christian is a missionary, so please tell others about Christ.  Even if in your natural flesh it feels embarrassing, wouldn’t you be glad if someone told you the Gospel? It’s not about if you have an incredible testimony or not; it is God’s story of how God gets His children back.  He wants us to know we are beloved and forgiven and set free.  He gives purpose and hope to our lives now and all eternity with Him.

Mr. Kent shared with me his favorite verse and I want to share it with you from Philemon 1:6, “I pray that you may be active in sharing your faith, so that you will have a full understanding of every good thing we have in Christ.”

*any comments you write here I’ll share with Larsen:)


One Reply to “Lars Launches a Prayer Attack!”

  1. This is so beautiful Blycker family! We are praying for you and for your support, that you may arrive in Mexico soon. Larsen, even if you learn Spanish slowly, let your smile and your friendship show Jesus to others. You don’t have to know the language to be a servant. Love you all!

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