Our One True King.

If God is the Creator, the Saviour and the Judge what does that mean to you as an intentional and missional woman, wife and mother? As I have been diving into the attributes of who God is, this question comes to me from every angle. Who God is matters.  Every other post  over the course of the next 22, I will be looking at a certain aspect of who God and how knowing Him impacts our daily lives. The following serves as an introduction: 

“Tell me about our One True King Mama,” my freshly bathed and pajama-clad boy asked me last week while I covered him with a blanket the color of grass. I flipped off his light and scooted in next to him to lay awhile and talk of all the things that run through the minds of little boys when they are finally still and quiet enough to let them out. Any mother, any father loves the moments when little souls open up and they’re invited to enter, for a bit,  such sacred space.  I would be foolish to walk away in moments like these.

“Anders, I would need to write you a book about our One True King, for he is too extraordinary for some small sentences.  Even still, all the books in the world would not be enough to hold all He is and all He has done across all time.”

 “Yes, that must be true if he is our God Mama. But try to tell me just a little bit about our One True King and I’ll close my eyes and imagine it all like it is true.  Because it is. ”

 We have been talking often with our boys lately about the Kingdom of God, this movement of the reign and rule of God across the earth. We have told them how we live in an unseen and expanding Kingdom.  “In a Kingdom there is a King, there are citizens and there are governing principles.  All of this is because who the King is, what He is like and how he grows in us more of Him, dispelling the evil darkness that threatens to undo the Kingdom busting out of us.”  

So I began to tell him and indeed before I could even really get going, he was snoring like a little bear cub. I slipped out of his room and into mine, still enthralled by his question.

It is in the evening after we get our children into bed, that I often find myself uncovering greater depths about this One True King.  I discover—as many have before me, the distinctiveness of the God of the Bible—a God who is wholly unlike any other. Hindus, bearing the heavy weight of karma, believe in thirty thousand gods, Buddhist, whose basic doctrine is salvation by personal efforts, believe there is no deity. New age followers believe God is present within everyone’s most authentic self. Muslims believe in a powerful but detached god. Many, espousing religious tolerance, believe that essentially people of all faith—Christians, Muslims, animists, everyone—know the same God.

 But Our One True King is set apart. And he is always after our other gods.

 He is a God who is personally reaching out to my heart, to your heart, to the hearts of our children. Tell me, what more could we long for? How could we?  What other god is any other religion blatantly desires an intimate relationship with you and equally so with your children? 

 The more we focus on trying to change ourselves, our families, our churches, our organizations, our communities or our governments the more frustrated and defeated we become.  But the more we focus on who God really is, the more we are changed. 

Our One True King longs for relationship, not simply mere belief.   Relationships usually stop growing when we conclude we have figured the other person out. Have we assumed we have God pegged or do we have no idea where to begin? Intimacy is a growth process.  We are invited to daily increase our intimacy with our One True King. Astounding! 

Dr. Christopher Baders of Baylor University said this after conducting a nation-wide study on the religious beliefs in America: “You’ll learn more about people’s moral and political behavior if you know their image of God than almost any other measure.”  And famous Russian author Fydor Dostoavsky said, “If there in no God, than everything is permitted.” 

J.R. Stott in his timeless classic “Knowing God” talks about three types of knowledge: factual, experimental and personal. To intimately know someone, we must cover all three in a consistent fashion. He suggests we periodically do a “vision” test of how we are doing at seeing God as He really is.  Those who know God have four qualities that swell over time:  Those who are in the process of knowing God have great energy for Him, great thoughts of Him, show great boldness for Him and have great contentment in Him.

Our One True King. 

All-powerful, ever-present, all-knowing, loving, merciful, faithful, unchanging, holy, truthful, righteous and just.

Close your eyes and imagine all of this about our One True King is really true. Because it is.


Image Credit: Campus Crusade 

2 Replies to “Our One True King.”

  1. Thank you for your comment Cindy! Your story, your particular race moves me and spurs me on in my own. Home will be more than we ever thought it could be–we’ll be whole and in perfect communion with God and eachother. We’ll see one another the way He has always known we will be. I often pray to have those eyes now for my children, my husband and all around me. My own vision is so limited. Your son is most likely close to having those eyes and gifts your family with the way in which he dwells in possibilities, content with all that is now and all that is coming. God saw the best way to bless you and reveal more of Himself to you would be through your son. What a challenging honor. Thank you for your testimony. And yes, our One True King loves us, oh how He loves!

  2. Thank you Angela. I am reading this following many days of thinking about God and how he loves my child with Down Syndrome. I have been pondering what heaven will be like for my son, and for me as his mother. Although I trust and believe that being in the presence of God is all that any of us need, my human small brain still goes to those places we don’t and can’t understand. Feeling the One True King reaching out to my heart today….and always!

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