Day 29:The Whole World. The Whole Gospel. The Whole Church.

We’ve been on the road for 29 days. This is a mission-support raising trip.  Every day we tell our children that our focus is to love and serve people as a family for 42 days wherever God places us.  I’ve lost count of the different beds we’ve slept in, though as a writer the stories I’ve gathered from each place remain intact in my memory.  Each night when the dust has finally settled, I handle them all in my mind to see the angles.  With each turn my judgements are rubbed down and I discover again the redeemed humanity of the kingdom of God.  A throb that is in small need of me to assess all the motives therein, simply marvel that the Spirit of the Living God is indeed alive and well, the scurry of His kingdom quiet yet powerful.  I sit with a new awareness, brought low again to the place where I see God all the more clear.

 Our energy with towing three kids around is waning and the idea of a home of our own to return to sounds comforting.  This is all not easy. Even still, there is the hope that God makes a connection with those we sit with and they will want to partner with us in this crazy calling.  And after each encounter, what I leave most with is adoration of the God who cares; this “trip” is a privilege.

No doubt we are up against high obstacles: most people are struggling financially (tonight we sat with eight people skimming by on social security), churches are not keen to support those who will stay stateside to help support and equip those who will serve internationally (Ft. Myers is not all that exotic) and some are hesitant to give support to the seemingly fickle Blyckers’ who have spent 12 years following the voice of a Shepard who does not always give sustainable clarity.  All valid obstacles, but I would be a liar if I declared none of them have gotten us down.  They have. 

Again, Christ commands me to resist judgements on people or situations, though I want to strangle the idol of manna that grips our North American society.  I reason that if we all lived simpler the gospel would not be gagged to such an extent. It’s difficult  faced with these questions day after day, choosing to hand them over to Jesus. Kingdom living demands that we be dependent on one another and not self-sufficient. I admit it is more comfortable to be self-reliant.  

 My eyes, my eyes they drift from Christ and I sink down in this grimy thinking. Oh Christ–hold my gaze and put in me what I do not have myself!  We’ve been summoned to do a job, the work before us is plentiful.  But alas, the finances are as lean as ever.  Even after 29 days on the road and more encounters than I can number, the picture appears bleak in terms of financial support but hearty in terms of intercessors.  Oh Christ–show us your extravagance even in the smallest glimpses!  How short is this earthly pilgrimage, but how many tools needed. I proclaim Your goodness and Your provision.

Yes, I am but one small woman who is dead set on doing what I can.  I’ve a dream to be a part of bringing hope to women the world over.  Words are my best offering in all of this.  We keep on.  It is for sentiments expresses in this video that is but on of the reasons I press on on.  Yes! 

*Be sure to pre-order this book entitled “Half the Church: Recapturing God’s Global Vision for Women” here.

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