Announcing the Birth of a Book!

The 15th was a rather chaotic day on the home front.  One of those days where any mother might want to pack up and leave for the day or week just to collect their thoughts.  You know. But there was sweet redemption, yet again. In the midst of trying to decide what might be for supper and how we might get in a swim to restore our sanity, the FedEx man met my visiting sister, Lis at the door and placed a heavy box in her hands.

“The book is here, the book is here!” (Imagine the squealing and shouting)  As if the family was putting into motion a fire plan, we all looked out the window and saw the sun was setting, quickly as it does here. A mad dash of grabbing the diaper bag and leaping into Clyde (yes, we name our vehicles) we rushed to the ocean.  Of course, the long-awaited box must be opened at the water. This was determined long ago.

And it was. We cheered and cried.  The boys ran into water, Lis took photos and Ben collected a bag of sand and some shells to remember the night.  If I were to apply personification to that moment and to that book it would be like the moment I first looked at and held my babies.  After months of anticipation and wondering, the labor of faith so intense and now come to this comulation.  All was well.  The toes and fingers were counted, baby was ohhed and ahhed over and held and held.  But the baby has already grown and now after much preparation and prayer we push it off into the world.  And with wonder that God would be so good to allow the dream a girl has had all her life to come to fruition, we release the work yet again and pray that these little loaves and fish would be multiplied.




3 Replies to “Announcing the Birth of a Book!”

  1. I am very moved you would give such generous observations and glean so accurately the truth I was seeking to proclaim and in the way in which I prayed it would be conveyed. Thank you. From such a well-read person, your comments are more than encouraging.

  2. I’ve nearly finished reading your book Angela. What gift you share in this, your first literary offspring — congratulations!!!
    It is excellent, inspired, and coherent on so many levels. Beautifully published and finely crafted with great attention to detail. Rich in content, perceptive, challenging, disturbing, wide-ranging in ideas, well-annotated in an unobtrusive manner, yet warmly devotional. Your message to moms and affirmation of their calling is both timeless and universal, yet wide open to the diverse gifts God bestows on his many daughters. May God bless you richly for the great care you have taken in the crafting of these chapters —
    for “the fame of His Name”, you have been faithful.

  3. HURRY for you all, great work Angela and thank you again for allowing us to be a small part in this journey.

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