In a portion of my book I delve into the aspect of the Holy Spirit in empowering the practice of daily mothering.  Now that we have three children, the truth of this has driven itself deeper into me in desperate fashion.  Perhaps it is like this with many writers; the truth of their words continues to take on new meaning and shine, they are just as a gift to the writer as to their readers.  Perhaps all good creating does this, blessing just as equally the giver as well as the receiver (I have been jealous to work out my words; I needed them, needed the clarity).  

Such a process points to God, for he amazingly enough finds delight in us too.  In you. Absolute delight.

So now, with three children I have been praying for this empowered delight.  These lives I was and am allowed to take part  in creating, these charges that undo me.   Certainly I am weary…the nine-year old who is so easily distracted from the stuff of grammar school, the three-year old who is like a Curios George, the nine-week old who is so needy in the most precious way.  But there is something solid in my heart and sure in my will; the reality that I am in something so much bigger than one woman and the belief that it matters. To them. To me. To God.

Yes, now three. Imagine what God can do with only three.

What is Your Response?

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