Looking Back and Moving Forward.

We’re Back!

It seems last year was survival and amazingly enough at times we even thrived.  It was the first year of our adventure. We moved (#11). I finished my first book. Anders got potty-trained and overcame speech difficulties.  Larsen took off with reading and learned how this whole home-school thing works. We had unsteady employment.  I was pregnant and gave birth to our beautiful girl three weeks ago.  Looking back, I suppose it was a lot but endurance is addicting when it is all you know and when you are simply being faithful to what God has given you to do.  I find this exhilarating!

We are about to venture on another year.  Larsen (9) will start third grade and Anders (3 1/2) will start Pre-K.  Our newest edition, Kiersta (3 wks.) will be going the journey too.  I spent the last couple of months reviewing books, reading up on classical philosophy and planning the first 12 weeks of school, down to daily lesson plans. I learned last year big-time that without detailed planning, the house will be built on the sand and sink.

We are going to rock and roll this Monday (9/14) and step up the quality of the blog this year, if for nothing else than my own records!

Here’s a brief look back at the start of LAST year before we move forward.Wow–my boys really grew! What a year…











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