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  1. Gwen Jackson says:

    Congratulations Ben and Angela!! What a sweetie!


  2. Julee says:

    What an awesome gift you have with your lovely, lovely family. God bless as you continue to serve him. Love from the Wilkes’


  3. Elisabeth says:

    Awe, Kiersta is so cute! I love the bows, also! 🙂
    I can’t wait to get my hands around her, hopefully soon & the boys! 🙂


  4. lisa says:

    YOU look lovely too Angela..you’re already on the road to bouncing back really quickly…i’m jealous! 🙂 hehe…
    She is lovely though…I love the bows….so sweet.


  5. She is such a cutie. I want to snuggle her all day!


  6. kim Saquing says:

    “I LOVE her!!! And I love the name!” -Bella


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