Unto Us a Child is Born!

We are proud to announce the birth, the gift of our wondrous

daughter and sister,

Kiersta Linnea

“Anointed and Beautiful Follower of Christ”

August 17, 2009  

7.9 lbs. 19 inches long

Kiersta was born after only 7 1/2 hours of labor and made her entrance in a dimly lit hospital room, with the new dawn spreading out through the sky and flowing into the room making it ever brighter. I clung to Benjamin and he cheered me on, words unspoken in our locked eyes.  The song in modern rendition “How Great Thou Art”  played in the background as she emerged to take her first breath and we looked into her eyes for the first time sensing that angels must be all around us, delighting in this precious gift. 

It was an anointed and beautiful experience…

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One Reply to “Unto Us a Child is Born!”

  1. Even though we spoke on the phone the other day and you told me all these details, I STILL started to weep when I read this post…I’m so thrilled for you…and she’s amazingly beautiful…and I wish I was there to hold her! 😦
    Love ya,

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