Still Waiting…

Benjamin and I, after a farewell dinner for my sister and family (they are moving to California tomorrow to take a new worship pastorate position) had a date night at the beach.  The glorious gulf coast beach.  If anyone ever doubts there is a God, behold these skies and waters.  They leave me speechless, the glory is so vast and evident.  As you can see, we brought our daughter along… This first photo is for those who asked to see how huge I am!

First of August Naples 2009 006


First of August Naples 2009 008

First of August Naples 2009 013

2 Replies to “Still Waiting…”

  1. you are NOT look so beautiful..tiny legs and arms and a blossoming belly…i love it and can’t wait to see your baby girl…woo!

  2. you look sooooooo beautiful as I’m sure Ben tells you everyday…………the fullness and glow in your face are amazing my friend….I love you

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