How We Get Ready for A Baby

Summer Naples 2009 128

Summer Naples 2009 130

Summer Naples 2009 132

Summer Naples 2009 134

Summer Naples 2009 143

First we put all our clothes in a pile in our closet and paint our dresser pink and green and get some fancy new hardware. Then we wash and fold a mound of frilly clothes while the boys turn up their noses and we note that our baby will be dressed to kill until she is about six months old and if we stay in the heat.  We get the bassinet ready and turn half our room into baby girl central. The boys leave the room yelling about all the “girl stuff” and retreat to build Lego traps for their sister.  Then Ben and a friend work on building a back study room per our lease agreement and so Grandma has a place to sleep away from all the nonsense (or so she thinks).  Then we wait and hope this baby appears soon before, as Anders says, “Big Mama pops or explodes”.

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