Catching Up on the Summer

It has been quite awhile since I have had time to post this summer.  Here are some highlights:

Overnighters with the Cousins


Summer Naples 2009 034

Summer Naples 2009 035

Summer Naples 2009 037

Father’s Day

Summer Naples 2009 055 


Anders made granola, Daddy’s favorite, for Benjamin.  About a cup of it ended up on the floor…

Summer Naples 2009 061

A singing Superman card handpicked by the boys.

Summer Naples 2009 059


And a new shirt for Dad with the blueprints for a boat.  Not meant to encourage yet another project, please!

Eleven. Years of Marriage that is…

We went out to our favorite Thai resturant, watched the sunset and rented a french film to watch at home, with the boys gone for the night!  We do enough reflection, so the night was just about fun and relaxation–the joy of simply being together was more than enough.  Yes, the pregnant chipmunk cheeks were out in full bloom for the occasion!

Summer Naples 2009 064

School is Out!

We made it through our first year of homeschool!  Larsen passed his evaluation with flying colors so Mama can settle down a wee bit I suppose. I don’t know who was prouder or more relieved to have a break, the boys or me!

Summer Naples 2009 041

The last weeks of second grade schoolwork!

Summer Naples 2009 040

Not to be outdone, Anders was hard at work for his last weeks of pre-pre school!

Summer Naples 2009 050

Summer Naples 2009 052 I did ALL of this work?!

Summer Naples 2009 074


Summer Naples 2009 075

After his evaluation and official graduation from 2nd grade, I took Lars out for desert and gave him a gift, a little brass telescope to remind him of his life verses (Proverbs 2:1-8), to always be a seeker of wisdom, knowledge and understanding.  My, how my boy has grown this year!

How We Spend the Summer Days

Summer Naples 2009 076


Rain can’t stop them, not can the oppresive summer heat!


Summer Naples 2009 077

Two of Anders favorite pastimes: playing guitar with a paperclip for a pick and painting abstract pieces of art.

Summer Naples 2009 083

Summer Naples 2009 101

Summer Naples 2009 103

Crafting and cooking through the days.

The Fourth of July

Summer Naples 2009 088

Summer Naples 2009 090

And now, we await for our baby girl to make her debut, due August 14 if not earlier.  Gettin’ ready!

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