An Evening of Math Education.

It has taken us nearly the whole year to have more comprehension on both a practical and philosophical level of exactly how to do home schooling.  There is a different venue and dynamic of relationship between the child and the adult and between the parents involved.  We each learn and teach differently and seek to understand one another.  It is no small feat, but one that has its moments when you sit back and take a deep sigh and think, “ah…this is good and right and the truest thing we can do right now for our children and indeed for ourselves.”  It has worked a grueling transformation in us all in so many areas of character, discipline and grace.  There is surely more to come.  For now, I am grateful that Benjamin and I excel in different academic areas and between the two of us, our children will be covered!  Here, much to my relief, is Ben teaching on division and multiplication.  He is a wonderful teacher!

What is Your Response?

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