Mothering: True Resolve

Mothers’ Day has sneaked up on me again, almost.  I came to the end of a very intentional week with new friends over for dinner, home schooling (alas, we have found a successful rhythm!), rising early to walk and bike, trying to find the bottom of my laundry basket, fitting in moments for my vocation of writing, clipping coupons and scouring sales to find more ways to save more than I spend. And cooking meals, over and over (fried rice can be served a variety of ways!). By last night I was surprised when utter exhaustion overtook me and I could do no more. 

How often I forget how hard my flesh must be working to host the sacred space where a body housing an eternal soul and spirit is being woven and spun. The glory of such a creative undertaking startles me anew in the quiet moments before I drift to sleep, the little hands stirring the waters and knees lifting up upon my belly.  I remember that their Creator already knows them by name.

As a child and adolescent, I had never given much thought to mothering as it related to me personally.  Now that I swim in it daily, I see my own mother in a new light of great appreciation.  There is a resolve, a fierce determination, a grit of love that overtakes a woman who is loaned real live souls and bodies.  She will crawl and fight and endure for the sake of propelling them forward out into history.  She would lay down her life if needed, in a moment for them. Truly, even for the hands within me I have never held, I would consider forfeiting the rest of my days so they might see the land of the living.  Such sacrifice is utterly beyond me–it comes from elsewhere; it must. And it changes me.

How much deeper must the mothering heart of God pursue, fight, nurture, discipline, lead and train me?  And you? Still at work on our behalf while we sleep so we might rest. Even yes, lay down life. “He tends his flock like a shepherd; He gathers the lambs in his arms and carries them close to his heart; he gently leads those that have young.” (Isaiah 40:11)

May your Mothers’ Day be one of joy and holy honor, far beyond flowers and dinner and a break from the daily chores.  May it be within you the reception of the charge you have been given–to raise a generation to go forth into the world more different than you can ever imagine it can become, bearing and seizing the kingdom of God by force, our children marching on the front lines to declare with bold power and authority just as they saw it so within the lives of their mothers, that to Him, the King of Kings and Lords of Lords, be all glory, honor and power both now and forevermore. And the forces of darkness will tremble.

Thank you to my own Mother, for her intercession and resolve. And to my husband’s Mother.  The world will not be the same…

(Yes, this video has direct implications to women globally. Watch it.  It will give you new awareness and a bigger vision for mothering and intercessory prayer)

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