Poppin’ Back In.

Ah, my computer is back up and working–better than ever!  So thankful as we were sure we would have to purchase a new one.  I’m working all day. Edits, letters and preparing a lecture at first the library until they kicked me out and now at Panera.  Ben has the boys boating and then a pool party.  It has been so good to have him home again.  Boys need a father. I can prove it!  His work in the New Orleans area went well, but the logistics of moving to work there full-time with a lease and a baby coming, besides feeling more settled in here are not too simple.  We are tired of moving… We go from one place where the economy is depressed in the construction industry to the #2 place now! But hope still floats.  We stick to one day at a time, thankful for our daily bread. Not to mention the ever-present sunshine.

The boys had an end of the year homeschool co-op patriotic musical last night.  Anders was giddy and Lars was nervous, but it was sweet.  It is always something to see your tall and handsome growing boy up on stage, so thoughtful about what he is doing he can’t break a smile. He makes me proud.  I think through a serious of encouraging events and words we are going to make it through this homeschooling thing for next year too.  It fits him well and really what our philosophy is about education and it can only get better. 

Anders has announced he is going to be a doctor.  He is fascinated with the body and how it heals. His pain tolerance both physical and emotional are way higher than Larsen’s ever have been.  He has a quick temper, but it is over in five minutes whereas Lars’ stubbornness at age three about killed me.  Anders takes to teaching about Jesus in a simple, trusting measure  ever eager to move on to the next interesting tidbit.  Lars pondered and questioned.  I marvel at how different my boys are, yet how much they do love eachothers’ company.

And number three? Well, no we still don’t know the gender.  Another two weeks or so for the ultrasound. We think its a girl.

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