The Project Fair.


Larsen took part in the home school project fair. His theme was “The Crafts & Culture of Ancient Egypt”.  He wrote an essay and made a Lego pyramid, clay replicas of pottery, a stoneware painted plate, a Pharaoh’s mummy mask, jewelryand a mummified cat. You would not believe that I spent the day soaking old socks and a ripped pillowcase in tea bags for an “ancient” look and then sewed ears on the mummy cat that looked more like a rabbit. Let me tell you, I am so done with Egypt. Thankfully we are on to Rome… The boys also had their yearbook photos taken.  I was sure Anders would have a fit, but Ben had 3 gummy bears in his pocket. After Anders smiled with his 15 different smiles like a little angel he jumped down from the box, held out his hand and said, “Okay Daddio, pay up!”  Where did he learn that? Lars, well, you try to get an eight year old to give a real smile in front of a photographer!  And oh yes, at 20 weeks along the pooch is quite obvious both in the tummy and cheeks!


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