The Pottery Class Ends, the Applications Don’t…


Lars has had a long-standing dream of learning pottery. We were at an arts center several months ago for a space exhibit family day and he won a scholarship for a six-week class.  Oh how he raved about the feel of the clay in his hands, the spinning of the wheel by his foot pedal,  how everything begins with a cylinder and must be centered and the wonders of the glaze and heat. 

We looked up all the scriptures in the bible about pottery and they came to life for all of us.  Clay is nothing without a potter and a potter’s greatest tool is water.  Dry clay is hard and cracks–completely unworkable and will never evolve into something more beautiful.  But, when the water, the Spirit, is allowed and welcomed to wash over us, we can become in his hands, more than we can even begin to envision.  I have been meditating on this much this week.  It is stunning.  How I love our Artist King!


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