Another Cake.


We like cakes for things–birthdays and end-of-the year grade graduations and getting a cabinet maker/installer licence and wearing underwear and losing teeth and writing a book and even when the month has been so hard we can do nothing else but celebrate that God is still good. I want to teach my boys that.

This cake was a short good-bye cake. I wanted to use up two organic lemons before they went bad, so Lars and I came up with a lemon poppy-seed pound cake. Did I say pound? Perhaps ton is a better word.  Anyhow, he was pleased to surprise Daddy the night before he flew out. Anders is happy anytime there is a lick of sugar, anywhere. I am certain he would fearlessly fight an alligator for a sugar cube.

So, we sang “We will miss you” and packed his suitcase.  Work dried up about a month ago. This is not a new thing for us, but the cycle of it is wearing us down in a new way. There are times when we so identify with the lament of “how long oh Lord?” and wait, patiently wait for the time and place to do with our hands and minds all he has put within them.  Waiting is also that common theme with God.  There is something holy about it as it forces you, if you relinquish all, to simply walk with him and find that that walking is more than enough.

 Ben has flown to work elsewhere for a couple weeks and see what God might be communicating.  There is plenty of life to attend to here on the home front and even quiet evenings to turn my gaze elsewhere.

2 Replies to “Another Cake.”

  1. It was so nice to chat with you last night, maybe we can get together again tonight! I wrote you a long email message today.

  2. I enjoying the blog. It was sweet!
    G’pa on the Mexican border

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