Real Things.

It seems it has been awhile since I posted. These many months have been ones of just pushing through…deadlines, home school, speech therapy, chiropractors, laundry, meals, the exhausting effects of ADD, morning sickness… all ones thoughts and any sort of evaluation or introspection are simply reduced to an ongoing song of “Hold Me Jesus”.  And just falling into the good arms–my identity, our families identity of no great consequence in light of his.  I understand that in our weakness we are strong and free.  In the last week I sense his wild goodness in a fresh wave and a new tenacity to keep running. 

 We just returned from spending several days in Orlando with dear friends who drove down from MI.  Apparently our 50 degree days and 20 degree nights was still a bit of warmth for them, though we were freezing! It was good, so good to just be with them and indulge in late night laughs and conversation.  Nothing fancy.  I make no secret that SW Florida has been overall a rather lonely land for us.  We call it our healing layover, moderated by the ministry of the sun.  So, it was good to be filled up again by those who have not just know our recent present, but our past.  These are our reminders of our wealth, so intangible to the world and often forgotten by us, but nevertheless the real thing.





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