Our Current Reads and Views


Blue Latitudes; Beric the Briton; Gulliver’s Travels; Swiss Family Robinson; The Alchemist; First 1,000 Words, The Children’s Book of Faith; Froggy Series; Franklin Series; Go Dogs Go!; The Essential Guide to Public Speaking; The Ash Garden; The Case for Faith; Teach Your Children Well-Guide to Stories, Poems & Fables; What Every Pre-Schooler Should Know; What Every Second-Grader Should Know; Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain; World Magazine; Books & Culture; Kayaking Magazine


 The Curious Case of Benjamin Button; Madeleine; The Sugar Creek Gang & the Great Canoe Fish; Door to Door; The Lives of Others

One Reply to “Our Current Reads and Views”

  1. Angela – so nice to catch up with your life AND to find out you are pregnant… congratulations! I appreciated your “Serve the Poor… just never mind the cross” post. It brought clarity to my own thinking on the difference between the political involvement (everybody is caught up with helping the poor these days, almost like it’s a fad) and the biblical mandate. Thanks for that!

    Blessings to you and on your writing.

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