My boys say the silliest things…

Larsen upon eating his tostada at dinner last night (with all seriousness): Wow, great idea to cut this lettuce with your paper shredder Mom!

Anders (while showing me his very full tummy after eating four tostados): Look Mama!  I am going to have TWO babies!  One boy and one girl!  Really, I don’t think I am pretending.

Larsen: Whoever invented the parts of speech must have had a very boring life.  Personally, I’d like to shoot him with my Nurf gun, even though I’d get my gun taken away for pointing it at a person because I know people are to be treated with dignity. But, if anyone deserves it, it is the inventor of grammar.

Anders: The hamsters get to stay up all night. Pretend I am a hamster, Mama. Just say “sure!”.

Anders: I like to just wear my underwear outside!  (I explained he could not, then the next day we went to the beach.  He and I were walking on the shoreline and an older gentlemen with a large physique stepped in front of us, in a speedo) Look Mama!  That guy is wearing his underwear and it doesn’t even have a picture on it!  He wears his underwear outside! And look, he is going to have a baby too!  A really big baby! 

Larsen:  What does eccentric mean?  Isn’t that what you think Dad is?  Or maybe I am referring to eclectic or electric.  Maybe you think Dad is all those things too. 

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