We are still here…  This last month has been one of our busiest.  Thanksgiving was in there somewhere, we celebrated with some friends.  Actually, it is all a bit of a blur as the whole family has gathered together around my manuscript deadline. Mama working 13-14 hour days, laundry a mile high, cereal galore for dinner and an unstocked shelf of toiletries. You heard it right, book number 1 to be released from yours truly, only by the good grace of God.  Now I am busy on refining edits.  I won’t deny it has and shall be rather daunting.  God always calls us to that which is larger than ourselves.

Last week we got away for a family camping trip in the Everglades and a jaunt through Miami and to IKEA.  That will have to be for another post… Just know, I am severly outnumbered.

Boxes from our October move are finally being unpacked.  The thought of hauling out Christmas decor is about to put me over the edge, but we’ll do it, soon. Tomorrow they all say!  I am not a big holiday decor sort of person…  

One day I will have a moment to figure how to use our new camera and actually post some photos.  Maybe even a Christmas letter!  If I have anymore words left.  This has been quite a year!   

Anders is now officially three and completely potty-trained!  Lars is back to the books with me and we are in the depths of ancient history, botany, grammar, biblical covenants, and the delights of good essay writing.  Yes, we are those weird homeschoolers…

The boys are currently making mud pies out by their beloved tree as I write.  That’s right folks, no snow here. Today it was in the high 70’s.  This is my kind of December!  We have snow downtown–bubble machines that spout off from the light posts every half hour! My folks and sister are in town and we’ll be celebrating a Swedish Christmas next week.  More news to follow…

Cheers to all.

One Reply to “Returned.”

  1. Glad you are still alive. We were beginning to wonder… seems everyone is super busy this year! Congratulations again on the book.

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