Week Eight: Marching On…

Until the first of December when I turn in my book manuscript to my publisher, home education is taking a different slant. Mainly, reading and more reading.  I simply cannot keep up with anything else. I am tired. A lesson for me again that I cannot do it all and yet the world keeps spinning and my boys keep learning.  I tell them they are sowing into this book with their support and patience.  Larsen has learned quite a bit about the subject of my book, the publishing industry and working together in community!  This week for school he has read books on astronomy, earthquakes, hamsters and inventions as well as written in his journal and drawn animals from around the world.   He is at astronomy and election class this morning and his phys. ed all afternoon. I am home with Anders, sick with a cold/flu of some sorts which I have been fighting off all week. The heat and humidity have returned and we are all hoping it goes back where it belongs. That’s about all to report this week.

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