No Extra Legs Here.

Our room looks like a bomb went off in it, as well as the garage. I don’t have great chunks of time for unpacking and organizing.  It will come.  Ben is working through a temp agency at a cabinet shop and taking side jobs of remodel/carpentry work.  We are praying for just one year of a constant 9-5er vs. sub-contracting.  Imagine not having to track down work for one whole year…

Anders is talking by leaps and bounds. He’ll be three on 12.4. “How are fingers made? What does Jesus do all day? Where is He?  How do dogs sleep? How do bees make honey? Where does milk come from? From cows-how is that?  I was in your tummy and then I came out your mouth, right Mama?”  Lars has a table in their room for a desk. I asked him to go get the legs in the garage so we could set it up. Anders overheard and inspected all our legs and said, “Nope, all our leggies are just fine. What, we have more leggies in the garage? Let me see them! Are they walking around?”

Larsen made up a song last night called “My World” and it goes like this, “My world, ya gotta come to my world, oh yea. Sticks and trees, pirates and knights, books and legos, balls and bikes. A mama, a dad, a brother I prayed for and praise God no sister, yea, no sister! Ya gotta come to my world.”  He is quite taken with reading and his new reading light and is zooming through simple chapter books and howling over Calvin and Hobbs. 

We are settling in more and meeting more people here. Moving to another part of the country while processing where you came from has taken longer than we all thought. Much longer. We are at a good point in the journey.  

 I’ve a writing deadline to meet and every word and ounce of listening must be focused on that race.  You can pray I finish well.

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