End of Week, Say, Seven: More of a Learning Curve

A girlfriend of mine told me the first year of homeschooling is a great learning curve. You and your child are learning to relate in a new way. You find what works and what doesn’t. You partner with the Spirit in their growth and development. Sometime you might want to throw them out the window and run down the street screaming. But it’s all good. We continued with history, botany, Bible, spelling, writing, reading, health and geography.  Ben takes care of math and music.  We finished this week out well. Meaning we actually got alot accomplished, had some great and revealing discussions, found some things that worked (2 strikes of not beating the timer = no recess) and some things that did not (chores in the morning don’t work, but are fine later in the day).  My relaxed but focused plan eases everyone. We do set the atmosphere.

 I think what I most appreciate about home education is the time I can take to listen to Lars, draw him out, make deposits in his heart and mind, impart to him a passion and interest in the global world and what God is doing within it and target the growth he needs, determined together to have victory this year (especially as it relates to time and focus). And I can help foster a life-long love of learning, an openness to the world around him.  

Anders is wanting to learn more and more. He is a quick little sponge, with his counting and ABC’s and books and coloring causing great excitement in him. His little co-op class is studying camping and sign language and he came home today quite jubilant.  I cannot believe how easy he picks things up and is growing and changing each day into such a little man.

This coming month I have a writing deadline to meet so I will give myself permission to set some things aside for a month and focus on select subjects.  Sometimes we can treat 2nd grade like its 11th grade. It will all come, in due time.  The humidity has disappeared now and the mornings have actually been crispy and cool enough for jeans and sweatshirts.  It feels like a Florida fall, with the sun out and the windows open. Gorgeous.

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