Going Stir-Crazy

Yesterday we spent 4 1/2 hours at the conservancy studying plants, exploring, looking at wounded animals and tanks of fish, turtles and baby alligators.  My rules were to simply linger, wonder and explore. The boys did not have to rush past anything that caught their fancy.  In a land where the temps have barely gone under the 90’s since early spring and children live in the AC indoors we have all been going stir-crazy.  I am about ready to return to 4-seasons.  This is our winter here–maddening heat for six months to the point where you could chew the air. It is RARE to see kids here playing outside. They live in pools or on video games. Yards are scare and most live in condos and apartments. Sure, they are like mini-resorts, but who wants to feel like they are on vacation year ’round?  I drool when I see a yard with a fence around it and imagine saying “go out and play boys!”.  When it finally cools down kids here are trapped in school with a 10 minute recess all day.  At Larsen’s check-up the doctor asked him his favorite things to do. He mentioned tree-climbing and stick collecting. She has been in practice here eight years and has NEVER heard such an answer.  HELP!

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