When Brothers Dwell Together.

“You know how long I prayed for a brother Mom? I think it was since I could talk!” says Lars in a typically pensive manner, while building a house in the dirt out of sand and stones.

“Anders, please do not touch what I am making!  Anyways, Mom, as I was saying, I was so relieved when we learned he was a boy. Anders that stick is not to wap my bike with–please show some respect for personal property! Anyways, again! as I was saying, an actual boy. Can you imagine having a sister? I suppose you can as you have two, sorry about that Mom. Anders, please don’t put rocks down the back of my shirt! Why must you do these things?!” exclaims Larsen.

Anders begins to grab clumps of grass and tries to stuff them in Larsen’s ears while he continues his monologue on the great value of a brother: “Really Mom, I asked God every night for him, I even laid hands on your tummy and in the name of Jesus declared that it would hold a baby and here he is right here, the very one I asked for!  Sometimes the fact that who I prayed for is standing right here is enough to knock me over! Of course, I never imagined what I would have to put up with and how stinky he gets!  But, Mom he makes me laugh so hard and he thinks I am a real live hero!” all this while Anders now attempts to copy Larsen in all of his mannerisms and words, which has him in stiches.

Larsen grabs Anders and hugs him and says he is so thankful for him. Anders in return pinches his nose and says “So awesome Lars. You and me, cool. And you a big coo-coo bird” and then he runs off laughing and yelling “you can’t catch me, I da gingabed man!”

I taught them the verse about how good and pleasant it is when brothers dwell together in harmony. They live this out in their own way, don’t they?

One Reply to “When Brothers Dwell Together.”

  1. I’m amazed at Anders heart – the love and value he places on his brother, the joy he expresses in answered prayer, AND his patience.

    Sweet post, Angela (a.k.a. the burner 🙂

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