Week Four: Pushing Through

Home education is linked to the familial life as a whole in a way that typical schooling is not. I knew this, but this week it became more of a reality. The work of faith, hope and love is more demanding in this type of setting. Endurance, perserverance and focus in the midst of many pressing needs and concerns is challenging.  And yet, a reminder to lean heavy into the power of the Spirit.

Also, marriage can become second-place to education.  Pehaps this is the temptation and struggle of every family in such a complex world–keeping all things in their proper position and elevating those which are of utmost importance. 

It was a good week, but more pensive on my end as I am observing how the boys learned and how closely supervised they must be to maintain focus.  They both enjoy structure and order, yet still some loose fun and freedom.  Again, bringing balance to these things must be the struggle of most teachers.

I do realize we need to get out more than just Fridays; one other day is necessary. This week we’ll head to the conservancy to ride the boat through the everglades and study vascular and non-vascular plants and such. When this horrid heat and rain departs we’ll enjoy some more outdoor times.

I’ve got many more thoughts on each subject matter I’ll work on recording.  This week, it was simply pushing through. I have six loads of unfolded laundry to attack and floors sit un-mopped and sinks to clean.  The Mary in me is always taken care of, that darn Martha she’ll get tended to in due time.  Regardless, as the week closes, I still am firm and grateful in our decision to home school. It is deeply gratifying to teach my own boys and see them flourish, relax and be excited to learn.  It’s a journey, right? And no journey worth anything is ever without the pebbles and potholes in the road here and there. 

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