The Burner.

Too bad you could not join us for dinner tonight. You missed out on this highly insightful converstation:

“Darlin’ the cornbread is sure sticking to this glass pan. Can you hand me a knife? Wow, look at this! The bottom is really brown, almost black!” commented Benjamin.

“Sorry, I did grease the pan. Oh well, I like to know it’s really done, ya know? Look how moist the top is. I must have forgotten about it for a bit.” I replied.

“Yea, well we know who did this,” Benjamin said, cracking a smile while I reached for the hot pad to whack him one.

Larsen answered as quick as lightning, “The burner!”  To which Anders chimed in very loudly, “Yea, da bunna! My Mama!”

We all burst out laughing. Lars insists he meant the oven burner, meaning no disrespect to his mother.  Obviously, Anders begged to differ. As did Benjamin. And finally, Lars had to admit it and christen his poor mother with the inevitable household name:

“The Burner”  aka “Da Bunna”

I plead guilty.

2 Replies to “The Burner.”

  1. How true! Da Bunna!
    I recall…. when I was just a little girl and Angela was the babysitter/big sister more then once she would take mom’s cooking supplies and try to make experimental dishes.. and then the time she “Burned” the popcorn in the microwave, you could smell it a mile away!
    Burn baby burn! ha-ha! 🙂

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