Crucial Times.

The elections. We are all thinking about them and it seems like every blogger and their mother and grandmother is venting their opinion. I am torn again between being a critic and attempting to exercise discernment.  In vague terms,  I am not overly impressed with either party’s nominations in the least bit.  I had expected much more for such a time as this from a crop that is so vast of potential leaders of the free world. I have not been swayed in the least by the eloquent arobics of Obama nor the pretty-faced Alaskan. 

You might think my bar is too high, but I am not much compelled. I detest the jr. high mudslinging and the savvy but downright disrespectful comparisions.  Sarcasim, emotionalism, nor the proud belief in the idolatrious American Dream which we near equate with godliness does not move my soul. None of us can earn our deliverence, our salvation. It’s the kingdom of man again believing they are the kingdom of God when the two are very seperate. 

Mind you, I am not a seperatist, but again I expected more. I am fasinated by the world of politics and the ability of man, given by God, to govern the lands.  But honestly now, dignified, honorable, educated, experienced, uncompromising, integrity and seriousness would be my personal order. One who trembles at such an office and knows their True Accountability in serving in such a fuction. These are crucial times, too crucial to be about a popularity contest or a show. 

 Only God holds the truth of all the agendas presented.  It is my prayer we can see how He sees. And then rise up to intercede for our nation, that HIS desires be carried forth and HIS fame spread from sea to shining sea.

What is Your Response?

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