A Dare.

Several of you have written me emails with your home education thoughts in response to my postings.  I’d be tickled pink if you’d just leave comments on the site here as I am sure your insights, empathy and such will be enlightening to others and get the conversation going. I think it was CS Lewis who said we all read to know we are not alone.  Benjamin writes in the books he reads now after years of me handing him a pencil and whispering (okay, a bit louder than that!), “You must interact with the text! Be an active, not passive reader!” So c’mon, spur us all on…

4 Replies to “A Dare.”

  1. Kris, I am waiting for you to let loose. I am very certain there sunami inside of you. And you are welcome! Nice to be thanked for my rambles!

    Lisa, So good to hear you in this place! I am really over the sense that I had the first week of doing something wrong. It took about 3-4 days to adjust my point of reality and what my preconceptions were and fend off the beasts of false guilt. No longer is there the sense of accoutability for Lars’ education to others, but to Ben and God and of course the state of FL at the end of the year. I find these more motivating and a good exercise in greater discipline.

  2. I think I have things to say… when the idea strikes, I’ll let loose!

    Thanks for saying so much for us.

  3. I have plenty to say! I just don’t quite know what it is yet….

    I’m enjoying reading what you have to say.

  4. I am taking your dare and writing here!! This is our first week of
    homeschool and I have been working through the comments from people
    when they find out we are homeschooling. I know you mentioned in your
    first week that you felt you were doing something wrong. Where are you
    with that?

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