Week Two: Finding Rhythm, Nutrition, Sleep & Other Things

This week was harder than last as much is going on in our lives.  Home education is a part of our bigger whole.  Rhythm is still being found as our family is naturally more event than time-oriented. The books and curriculum are becoming more familiar. Benjamin began teaching math, with much glee! We did some projects and put together more notebooks. Anders did his first fingerpaintings and is really enjoying various puzzles.  Both boys could sit and listen to books/stories all day!

 Personally, I naturally have a scholarly bent, so staying on top of what we need to accomplish each week and mastering it as much as possible is important to me.  Yet, there were times I was simply tired and had to forgo my expectations.  A friend of mine confessed she has a rule of not reading home education blogs as it causes her to compare and feel as if she may not be doing an optimum job.  We both echoed the sentiments of the sense in a new way of being the director and overseer physically of our children’s academic (etc.) development.  This is both humbling and a bit scary. 

I am sure many wonder why a mother who works at home and has a toddler who could better be named Curious George would attempt such a grand endeavor.  At the end of the day, it is ironically enough, energizing for all of us.  I have a hunch it is part of my santification as well as theirs.

Some realities of this new way of living include: Adequate sleep is more than necessary for good learning. Transitioning from a more relaxed summer schedule to a school year one has been a challenge.  Carbs for breakfast = disaster for my young student. Protein is a must for better concentration. As are 16 oz. of water at breakfast, a mult-vitamin, lecithin, and magnesium.  It is amazing how these combined bring focus to Lars.  Focused work must be done without distraction or a school day could take 12 hours! He enjoys interacting with what he is learning to such a degree he could expound for hours…it is awesome this conversation, but we’ll be buying an egg timer this weekend. 98 degree weather outside is a drag and we are all eager for the heat to break in the coming months and spend more time outside. Finally, sometimes the best and most educational thing we can do is laugh and sing and dance for the joy of living and learning. 

There is more to write, there always is, but we’ll call it a wrap and keep going up and in.  I’d sure like to hear how any of you are doing in your adventure.  Leave a comment.

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