Pink Lady.

Anders is our funny man. Here is a re-cap of what he thinks is funny in the past seven days:

1.  The word “pink” combined with “lady” has struck him as hilarious.  His most naughty phrase is “coo-coo bird google eyes”.  This week when he really wanted something and I said no, he stopped his little foot and yelled, “You bid coo-coo biwd goo-goo eyes pink yady!”  Then he fell on the floor laughing at himself.

2.  We visited an apartment that Lars thought smelled like coca-cola. Anders had never heard that word and began giggling repeating it over and over.  He was crying the other night and all I had to do was whispher the magic words and he was all smiles. Bet Coke never imagined that!

3. I don’t like to chew gum, especially bubble gum.  I told this to Larsen and Anders said, “What Mama, what ’bout budle dum? Budle dum that is a bid funny one!” Again, he fell on the floor laughing so hard he could not stand. 

4.  He is desperate for his birthday since we all had ours.  Every morning he asks me if it his birthday. I could not find our forks the other day at dinner time.  Apparently he had stuffed a wad of them and napkins under the couch cushions to save them for the eating of his Lowly the Worm and Huckle the Cat (Richard Scarry’s Busytown) cake.  He also showed me where a roll of scotch tape was hidden to “wap my prizes wid”.

5. He had bad gas yesterday. He confessed this as fact by looking at me and muttering, “Anders is tunk (skunk) today. Pee-eww!” Lars came in and he wapped him and said “You tunky bottom taday?”

Hope you had a good laugh. I am sure there are more to come on this end…

2 Replies to “Pink Lady.”

  1. I love to hear from you Dad and Mom! Will pray for quick healing and a fruitful and fun trip. Keep reading and posting comments. Glad our funny man could bring you laughter as he does us!

  2. Hi Angela and Benjamin,
    We had a good flight from Mexico to Guatemala. Our son Tim invited us to his church plant and God blessed in the service Sunday in Puebla. Now we are in Guatemala and had breakfast with Quique a former student from SETECA. You will probably remember him He picked us up at the airport and drove us down to Escuintla. The lights went out several times last night due to a tropical downpour on the coast. Now it is bright and sunny out.
    We enjoyed the blog re. Anders and Mom laughed out loud here in the Sarita Restaurant that has WIFI. Ben learned to swim here many years ago! We also read out loud the following blog re. Johanesburg, S.Africa and were blessed by those thoughts re. our Savior.
    I got Montezuma’s Revenge somewhere and made many trips to the bathroom last night. I hope that the Lord heals me quickly for we have many rehearsals coming up for concerts and workshops in Guatemala city. Chimaltenango, Tecpan, Patzun and Patzicia and other places.
    We send our love,
    G’pa and G’ma B.

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