Hotels, Tropical Storms, Mail, Presidential Candidates & Counting…

We have been in various hotels for the last few nights as the AC in our temporary housing has been down. In a land of 101 heat index, sleep will elude one for days.  It was fun at first, this little jaunt, but at this point Benjamin and I are trading off and on being in the hotel room with two wild tigers as it is dumping buckets of water outside. The pool did look so inviting.  Apparently a hurricane/tropical storm of sorts is set to hit land here early Tuesday morn.  The day we were going to start school.  Larsen is excited we may be reading and writing by candlelight with boarded up windows.  We stocked up today on water and non-perishables (since Anders cannot live two hours without “my foood”).

We have only gotten a few of our books in the mail so far.  The music program is not at all what I had hoped (I believe I got the wrong books off eBay–too young and not explanatory enough), so I will need to replace it with another. Bummer. I am looking into I was excited to open The 5.000 Year-Old Puzzle, which is going to be a great resource book for the study of Egypt.  Also, Hamlet for Kids arrived–teaching Shakespeare to the boys is going to be fantastic! I read through half of it already. Four small color laminated charts from Doorposts arrived which will be great aids with character/conflict resolution/blessings. I have used these methods in the past which I have hand-made and modified, but good to have some nice ones. Perhaps a bit too pricey and very Anglo and conservative in its drawings, but shall be very useful I am sure.  Also, if anyone wants to buy from me a copy of the The Greenleaf Guide to Old Testament History: History for the Thoughtful Child , let me know. I don’t need it. Seven bucks plus S&H and it’s yours.

Back to watching the presidential civil forum of faith from Saddleback.  Both candidates are very interesting and are doing very well.  Nice to see them simply answering questions personally and not ripping on each other. Of particular interest to me was Obama’s comments on evil, support of civil unions and approach to the abortion issue.  McCain is not as suave in his eloquence, his story is very different, his answers needing not much inner explanation.  Both profess to be followers of Christ in the truest sense, though I have read interviews/book excerpts with Obama which would lead me to believe he is a universalist and this does influence his politics. It seems like Rick Warren is the real winner here though on many fronts. Ah well, this is the kingdom of man and we cannot expect the fullness of the kingdom of God to rule and reign…

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