You are Invited…

Welcome to my other world–the education of my boys and also, very possibly, myself. I invite you walk alongside up me on this adventure. I will post as a way to have my own personal record of this journey and crack open my blinds so you can see in. We both may learn something from the exchange. That is my hope.  It is not my desire that our ideas collide,compete or overwhelm as I see so much of the methodology of home education does. We each have our journey, the DNA as diverse as snowflakes.  My readers be you few or hearty, may we accept ourselves in grace as learners, teachers and in partnership with the Spirit’s work in the formation of our children. Let us keep our vision broad and our goals flexible. This year shall hold more than we can even imagine–in my experience, they always do. 

PS.  Be patient with me as I begin posting links and such to get this blog off the ground…

What is Your Response?

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