All I Want to Write Today

I think one of the reasons my Benjamin and my boys were created is so I might be able to count them precious in my sight.  I watch them wrestle and run together and I sit in quiet observation, just delighting in their existence.  Imagine how God must look upon them if I can do this much!  Imagine how He must look upon you and I!

I think on that quite often lately; how deeply I am cherished and loved.  And how this could never be had I not been created and written into the greatest redemption story that will end all stories.  My salvation is for God’s sake so I might be enabled to point everything to Him.  If I can live all my days like that, this tiny life raising a tiny finger to point to Him who is never tiny and make Him more famous I shall count it all a success. I will have fulfilled my reason for being. 

This concept of bringing God glory by doing good so all may point to Him (good not done unto Him is wasted), by allowing myself to be transformed (only He can do such, really) and by living consumed with gratitude for His gracious gifts (every good thing is from Him) has wrapped itself around my soul in a new way.  

This is all I want to write about today. If you get tired of hearing about God in all of my writings and see me as being quite a “religious” or “spiritual” person, then do not return. I cannot help but to write of who He is, what He has done and what He owns.  Do not walk away from this screen thinking of me. Of who I am, what I have and can do, or what I possess.  Think of Him. Go to Him. Be enraptured with Him. Glorify Him! Oh, how I love Him….

What is Your Response?

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