The 4th.

As for the 4th of July, true to form I forgot to remember it until the day before and then announced it to Larsen the afternoon of (the child never knows what month, day or time it is…we are 1/2 Latino and 1/2 Scandinavian).  Benjamin worked all day joyfully on a new bid, we went out for dinner, bought some pop-its, drove toward the ocean, parked at the nearest lot, walked over a bridge with fireworks blasting from all directions (Anders said “nawty youd firwoods!) while throwing pop-its and singing loudly every patriotic song we could think of, eliciting the stares of all we passed much to Larsen’s delight. The sliver moon was stunning over the glass-like water, the bugs were biting and we were all happy to be alive, to be together and to remember all the ways which we are free. We drove home and I climbed a tree with Larsen and we sat and looked at the stars for a bit until we felt small enough to remember how big enough God is.  And then we went to bed, quite content.

PS. This is my report Tracy.  I confess I own no decor! And Happy Birthday Amanda!

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