Eloquence of the Mundane

There are some days life it not so eloquent, or so it seems. One boy draped on the couch with a fever, the other racing to the bathroom every five minutes (the joys of toilet training)–the last run he emerged with the toilet brush, planning to attack Lars, until I intercepted and it got wound in my hair.  Lego’s and trains, books and cars all over and I mean all over. Breakfast dishes still in the sink. Beds still unmade. The washer running, the dryer trying to keep up. A tired mother administering orange juice, reading a mound of books and cleaning up pee on the floor. Not to mention the supper table covered with creations made from gumdrops and toothpicks, the innovation of our budding structural engineer. No great accomlishments today, no idea what it going on in the greater world. The sound of thunder rolling in (and bills) and the sight of lizards crawling on the porch screen, perhaps trying to escape the heat index of 100. It is the dailynessof life, those days when nothing is really happening and it all seems disorderly and purposlessness that could have the power to dull one down. Could. But eloquence comes in many forms. I think when I pause and look and listen, I can hear it. I recieve it for what it is, today.  After all, some day I shall miss it…

3 Replies to “Eloquence of the Mundane”

  1. I have found the best way to warm-up before my other writing is to blog. Practicing me scales so to speak…great finger exercises.

    Yes- 10 years and I am still walking around around barefoot (but not pregnant!)…

  2. Love your new look, posts, and rich sidebar. And thanks for the info on Breathe, I’m so there this year.

    I can’t believe it’s been 10 years since the day you walked barefoot down that non-center aisle at Olivet!

    Have an awesome mundane day =)

  3. Wow, Angela! Just catching up with your blog… you’ve been busy writing. Even as a tired mom in the dailyness of life you find time to put thoughts into words. Some day you will miss it… I know.

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