We woke to the sound of pattering feet and the reminder that ten years ago today, that Michigan summer afternoon we said our vows, we had never heard that sound. Or dreamed we would–it seemed to much to ask.  I was sick; supposed to end up in a wheelchair according to all doctor predictions.  Truly the work of God is greater than our greatest imaginations.

So here we are.  Healings and awakenings of every sort, a miscarried baby in heaven, two boys alive and well, nine dwelling places, two countries, five vision trips, three states (never have had a moving truck), eleven jobs, about eight churches, one more degree, a wad of deep and true friendships, his hair fading away, mine growing longer, wrinkles emerging and a Sustainer and Supplier more faithful now than we ever understood ten years ago.

I call him my Benjamin, he calls me his WildAngel. What a ride it has been in this roller -coaster, rock-tumbler of a life, of a marriage. Neither of us got what we signed up for, but rather what we really have needed. Lots of grace. Riduclous faith. Stubborn love. And the Hope that He will fulfill His purposes for us. How could we ask for more?

I had better put my seat belt on for the next ten years…

4 Replies to “Ten.”

  1. Congratulations on a beautiful marriage. I hope the next ten years are just as wonderful.

  2. What a truly beautiful post – may you enjoy your anniversary today to the fullest… and every day to come.

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