What I Wouldn’t Want to Miss

This morning began with the boys working on their chore charts (Anders is so proud of his with his shiny star stickers!).  It is great to see Lars up, dressed, unloading the dishwasher and doing his copy work in Proverbs.  A relief actually that all this training is getting somewhere! Anders follows him around in his sagging nighttime diaper eating his vitamin, drinking his water and yelling out his instructions to Lars (which are ignored).  The terrible twos are here indeed (with Larsen it was the terrible threes)–the “mine”, “my”, “no”, “I do it”, “my turn” and “Lars Bad Bird” (his dergogitory term for his brother). 

I never can seem to awake at the crack of down before the boys. It is no wonder I stay in my room and pray over the day before I show my face. What mother in the summertime wouldn’t.

At 9am we were outside on our bikes (mine pulling Anders in his trailer) for an hour in the low 90’s heat. We race through the neighborhood pretending we were on horses in Narnia with enemies on our tail, swerving down the street to avoid the steel balls shot by catapults.  Lars (aka Edmund) yelled to “go further up and further in Queen Susan (aka Me) and Reepicheep (aka Anders, the mouse).”  Anders shrieked to “dow Mama dow, bad guys a comin’, dow fast! Ye-hah! Anders’s Mama cwazy”.  We passed more than a handful of retirees out getting flower clippings in their yard, stopping to behold the sight of two yelling boys and their fast swervin’ cwazy Mama. 

Did I mention it was hot? Behold the giant puddle and a dripping Mama and her boys desending from their horses to splash through it, mud and all. Laughing, dancing, chasing, twirling and of course more stares now from passing cars. 

Would I really want to miss such a morning as this?

Nah. I would have to be really cwazy.

One Reply to “What I Wouldn’t Want to Miss”

  1. That sounds like a very fun morning! That’s hilarious that Anders calls Lars a ‘bird’! Just like Mama… = )

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