Duped by a 7 year-old

-Hmmm… I sighed, on the couch, writing while Anders napped and Larsen sat next to me reading Nate the Great.

-Whatcha need Mom? Maybe I can help? Got a mystery for me?  says Lars.

-Just thinking of a better word to express what I mean than what I have now, I answer.

-Tell me what word you do have (I do). Hmmm…what about ____,____, or _____?  Now tell me the sentence (I do). Ah, you really need to begin that sentence with the subject Mom. Let me suggest this (and he does).

-I look at him, astounded.  All the read alouds are paying off and I get to eat the fruit.

-Perhaps you will be a writer my son. You know, if you want to. If it floats your boat and milks your goat.

-Nah, it doesn’t. I’ve already considered that anyways.  I’m sticking with owning my own junk yard and driving my own garbage truck. You know, collecting all those recyclables and making nifty creations.

-Don’t you think there is enough junk in the world without you stashing more of it? I replied.

-Don’t you think there are enough books in the world without you writing more Mom?

Left speechless by a 7 year old.



3 Replies to “Duped by a 7 year-old”

  1. Yeha a blog that actually takes comments! Thanks for leaving one and yes, I will keep writing. I do so enjoy your blog too–all the photos of the kids and your adventures with them.

  2. very funny.
    I’m so excited to see your new blog. And of course, will be commenting more – because We need you to keep writing!

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