Duped by a 7 year-old


-Hmmm… I sighed, on the couch, writing while Anders napped and Larsen sat next to me reading Nate the Great.

-Whatcha need Mom? Maybe I can help? Got a mystery for me?  says Lars.

-Just thinking of a better word to express what I mean than what I have now, I answer.

-Tell me what word you do have (I do). Hmmm…what about ____,____, or _____?  Now tell me the sentence (I do). Ah, you really need to begin that sentence with the subject Mom. Let me suggest this (and he does).

-I look at him, astounded.  All the read alouds are paying off and I get to eat the fruit.

-Perhaps you will be a writer my son. You know, if you want to. If it floats your boat and milks your goat.

-Nah, it doesn’t. I’ve already considered that anyways.  I’m sticking with owning my own junk yard and driving my own garbage truck. You know, collecting all those recyclables and making nifty creations.

-Don’t you think there is enough junk in the world without you stashing more of it? I replied.

-Don’t you think there are enough books in the world without you writing more Mom?

Left speechless by a 7 year old.



3 Comments Add yours

  1. Tracy says:

    That’s hilarious! What a wise son you have. = )


  2. ablycker says:

    Yeha a blog that actually takes comments! Thanks for leaving one and yes, I will keep writing. I do so enjoy your blog too–all the photos of the kids and your adventures with them.


  3. Kris says:

    very funny.
    I’m so excited to see your new blog. And of course, will be commenting more – because We need you to keep writing!


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