You know when it is time to move on; when the paper in your fingers is the last page of the chapter and the new is coming.  For those of you who joined me in A Spacious Place, welcome to the new.  Those years were my finger exercises.  I think I may be a bit stronger now in hand and mind in some ways.  If you are a writer, you know what I mean.

You wonder why the name of this blog is what it is, do you not?  Two reasons: 1. Sometimes my husband asks me what I am thinking as it rarely occurs to me to say it outloud. Usually this is at the most annoying time such as a diaper change or perhaps I am burning something, again. I tell him it is too much to ask.  For now.  2. The poem by Luci Shaw entitled the same which ends with, “and it seems much too much to ask me to be part of the different thing–God’s shocking, unorthadox, unheard of Thing to further heaven’s hopes and summon God’s glory.” I simply really like that and resonate.

And yes, the photo at the heading is Lars and I, in Spain in the archway of an ancient university.  He was five. We were whisphering about the great things many must have learned and how they may have gone out from where we were stepping and changed the world with their ideas as ideas have that sort of power. We were both giddy about it. 

3 Replies to “Welcome.”

  1. Hi, Ang! I’m so glad you’re back to blog-land! I can’t wait to read your posts & catch up with your life.


  2. I am glad Lars could elicit laughter from you all the way from FL. The funniest thing is he had no idea he was being funny–just routine conversation for him! I’ll keep writing and you keep reading!

  3. That was truly a LOL if we ever heard one!! We really enjoyed that gem from the life of our grandson Lars and his Mommy. It had us in stiches; we hoped we didn’t bother .our Hispanic neighbors here on the Mexican border in McAllen when we literally shrieked out loud when Grandpa read the blog out loud to Grandma. God bless. We’ll look forward to the next blog

    Grandpa & Grandma Blycker in South Texas

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